Welcome to our AfterCare support system for Web Design UK, Farmgear Marketing, On24 Web Design, Sustainable Travel UK and our other brand names.

As ever we are always looking for ways to improve our services to you.  In this case we are committed to finding the best methods of communicating with our clients.  Methods that need to be easy, efficient and above all secure.

We have not supported direct emails as a method of communication for over two years now.  This is because emails can be unreliable, not secure and do not make collaboration with more than one person easy.


We ourselves have been using some software called ‘Trello’ for project management for some years now.  With the recent improvements to the software we now believe this will be the best way for us to offer you support and collaborate effectively on your projects.


You will receive an email from Trello telling you that we have created a board that we wish to share with you.  You will need to accept the invitation. To do so you will need to login or sign up to Trello.  It is easy and free to do so.



Your Support Board


Once you arrive on your board you will see several lists we have created already.  On the list are also some cards.  This is how Trello is organised:

  • boards
    • lists
      • cards


Your board will have your organisation’s name in the top left corner.  The board will look something like this:



Knowledge Base


Here you are reminded to please check the articles before submitting a support request.


Firstly, there is a link to the Knowledge Base (KB) itself in the reminder card.


The cards that follow have direct links within in them to the various categories in the KB.  In particular please read the ‘Common Email Problems’ article before opening an email support request.


There are also links to our policy documents and one to the Trello help section if you choose to use Trello in your own business.




Support, Tasks & Questions


The ‘Support, Tasks & Questions’ list is where we will be communicating with each other via cards.  To create a new card, click into the ‘Support Card TEMPLATE’ card.


Then click on the green button ‘Create Card from Template’ top right.


Each card includes a checklist, called Before submitting please tick each to show the following are complete: of things you need to do before submitting the card.


Giving full details in the ‘Description’ field will save us all time.  Phrases such as “Help”, “website issue” etc. do not tell us what the problem actually is.  For those of you that have more than one project with us, pleases state which domain or app is affected.


Once you have completed the description of the issue you must save it using the green Save button.  You can also go back and edit if you wish to.


Each new card will need to be assigned a Type of Card from the following:


Make your other selections in the custom fields.


Ignore the ‘Admin Use Only’ section, and the Status custom field, as they are for our use only.


The cards are then assigned at our end to the relevant people that can deal with the topic.  You are also able to have other people in your team added to the board so that we can communicate directly with them.

To submit the card you simply click away from it onto the board background.

The next lists will show you who is dealing with your request once it has been assigned.  The completed cards will be deleted after 3 months.  Although you will be very welcome to copy the cards to a board of your own if you wish to keep them longer.


We then communicate back and forth using the Comments field at the bottom of each card.  Use the @ symbol to select the relevant person or people on the board.



Document Sharing


The ‘Document Links’ list has links to various documents that we are sharing with each other.  Things that we both may want to refer to from time to time.  Most of the documents will be stored in your Google Drive.




Other Information


The ‘Other’ list contains more information that we both will need to access from time to time.  Such as your Project number(s), email account passwords, relevant third-party accounts such as social media, Mailchimp etc.






Receiving notifications that there is activity on your board is very straightforward.  Activity can be:

  • a new card
  • a new comment
  • a reply to a comment of yours
  • the addition of a new link
  • and more


The Trello help docs explain the topic very clearly

We ourselves rely on the ‘red bell’ internal notifications, which show up on the online version of Trello and within our apps, see below.


However, for those of you that still prefer email that is still available to you.  Each board has its own unique email address.  One of the cards we create for you will contain the board’s unique email.

You can, if you wish, add this address to your contacts as Web Design UK/Farmgear Marketing etc. support.  Then when you email us a new card will be created on your board.  We will then be able to action it.


As you can read about in the Trello help article above, you are also able to set email notifications on your account.  That way you will receive an email when there is activity.  You can reply directly to the email and that will add to the board without you having to go there.



Accessing Trello


There are several ways to access Trello and they can be found here


We use a combination of the desktop and mobile apps.

One of your cards will contain the board’s unique URL so you can create a shortcut to your board, for example on your laptop’s home screen.




Next Steps


In order for us to add you to your support board in Trello we will have asked you the following:

  1. The full names of anyone in your business you would like to have access to the board, though remember there is sensitive data in there.
  2. Their email addresses to use for the invitation to be sent.

We will also supply you with the board email address and URL shortcut if you wish.

Article last updated January 2020