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  • The Business: The Agency, or any of its other brand names.
  • Employee or member of staff: someone employed to work for the Business, whether as a fully employed person or as a contractor.
  • CR: Change Request

1. Purpose

This Change Management policy documents and tracks the necessary information required to effectively manage project change from project outset to delivery.

A change management plan is created during the planning phase of the project.  The audience for the plan is the Owner, project manager, project team, project client and any senior leaders whose support is needed to carry out the plan.

The Change Request Form is NOT to be used for technical support issues.

2. Change Management Process

The process is to establish an effective procedure for tracking the submission, coordination, review, evaluation, categorisation, and approval for release of all CRs as compared to the project’s original criteria.

  • Change request process
  • Change request form

Visit your client area to complete the Change request form.

  • Change requests are prioritised using the following priority criteria
  • Change types
  • Change management log

All CR form entries will come into our support system.  Evaluation, CR types etc. and communication will all be conducted using our support email address.

3. Documents

This document must be read in conjunction with, and forms part of the complete The Agency’s policies and agreements:

  • Your Project Proposal
  • Your Client Agreement
  • Our Terms & Conditions
  • Our Operating System & Browser Policy
  • This Secure Password Policy
  • Our Information Security Policy
  • Our Service Level Agreement
  • Our UK GDPR Policy

This document was last updated in May 2022

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