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Instructions For Completing This Form 

This form is purely for written content on your new website.  We will ask for images at a later date.  Each page of your website has its own page in this form.  Please complete all the required sections, and also any that are applicable to your project.  Remember that no one writes the perfect content in one session.  Great content needs thought, research, several drafts and also letting others read and comment on it.

We recommend writing your content in Microsoft Word, or similar.  This allows for easier editing and sharing of your drafts, plus you have a backup of the content.  This form is for the submission of the final version of the content only.  Take the time to get the content right and then submit it here.  If you require any help be sure to let us know.

  1. First Draft: The first draft does not have to be perfect; just get your ideas down to begin with.  Further revisions will improve the content. 
  2. Second Draft: This draft needs to be more thorough.  Make sure the content is relevant to the page, that it gets the right message across, that it reflects the style of your organisation and that it is not too long or full of unnecessary ‘padding’.  Also ensure that you have clearly defined any paragraph breaks, section titles etc.
  3. Third Draft: This draft needs to have your key phrases for this page included.  They must flow in written English, not stand out as key words just thrown in.
  4. Fourth Draft: Make sure you double and triple check the spelling and punctuation, then correct if necessary.  Please pay particular attention to mistakes that your spell-checker will not notice, for example the incorrect use of ‘there and their’ or ‘your and you’re’. 
  5. More Drafts. Make as many new drafts as you feel you need. 
  6. Final Draft. This needs to be exactly what will appear on your new website.  We appreciate that there may still be a few, last minute, revisions.  However If, what we deem to be substantial, changes are later required we will have to charge for the time taken making the alterations.

There are over twenty pages in the form, some with more sections than others.  However, always remember that you can use the ‘Save & Continue Later’ option if you are unable to complete the form in one sitting.

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