Mobile Apps

Take advantage of this ever growing user friendly trend

Mobile apps are all the rage and will no doubt continue to be.  In fact more people access the internet via their mobile devices than laptop or desktop computers now.  Mobile overtook desktop in early 2018.

Mobile vs desktop use 2018

Obviously a great website is still your first choice for your internet presence.  By great we mean one that is mobile, and therefore Google friendly, as well as offering everything else your visitors want.

The next step to offering a great user experience can be having your own app.


What types of apps are there?

As with websites, there are multiple ways of building them, hosting them and sharing them with the world.  The two types that we offer are:

  1. Native Apps, which are built to work specifically on one platform only e.g. for Apple or Android.  They need to be approved suitable for inclusion in the relevant app stores and you have to pay to submit and offer them there.
  2. Hybrid Apps, which are built based on your website and can be shared without submitting to the app stores.  The user has an app experience but some functionality comes from your website. Because they run on a similar system to a website they will need an internet connection to work.

Both types have what is known as Dynamic content i.e. if the app is updated the changes are made to the users straight away.


What should the app do?

Aside from offering a useful interface to your audience, you will need to decide what functions the app should have.  Again, as with websites, there are multiple options.  Overall though your app needs to serve a useful purpose to your users.  Here are just some suggestions of what they could do:

  • Be an app version of your website
  • Allow you to share other/different content
  • Sell your products
  • Collect data via forms
  • Offer coupons or a loyalty scheme
  • Have a gallery
  • Be able to send push notifications, to everyone or a specific audience
  • Have a customer chat function
  • Allow you to check the app’s usage via analytics
  • Allow you to update the content yourself
  • Generate income from sales of the app itself
  • Generate income from in-app purchases
  • Reach a national, global or specific audience e.g. existing customers or staff


What does an app cost?

This is another question that can produce a vague answer.   The type of app, what it needs to do and how simple or complicated it is will have a direct bearing on the price.   We will be offering some ready priced packages and also options for more bespoke projects.

Apps need maintenance, hosting, security measures etc. so will have a build price and a monthly AfterCare fee as well.


What sort of app do you need?

One size does not fit all so we have created a questionnaire below that will help us guide you as to what type of app your business or organisation needs.

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