Add 301 Website Redirects For SEO


Help your SEO with 301 redirects when changing domains




When a website changes domain or perhaps two businesses become one, search engines need to know that old pages are no longer there.

A 301 redirect tells the search engines that the old page is permanently gone and that the new page should be shown instead.  Not telling the search engines means that all they see is a page not found or 404 error.  Lots of 404 errors can affect your rankings.

Ideally, even when a product is deleted or a very old blog post is trashed, we should set a 301.  To automatically set 301s within a singe website you would need our SEO Premium Package or higher.

To add a redirect from a different domain requires the 301 to be set at server level.

This Extra includes:

  • Obtaining the full list of URLs to be redirected
  • Determining which old URL should go to which new URL
  • Creating the redirects on the server
  • Checking that each redirect works correctly


The price above is for sourcing and evaluating the redirects required.  It also includes the creating and implementation of up to 100 301s.

Additional time spent for further redirects will be invoiced separately.

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