SEO For Overseas Selling


Help your sales abroad with SEO for overseas selling




If you are panning to sell your products or services overseas, then getting them found abroad requires some further SEO work.

In the same way we need to know what people in the UK are searching for to find products like yours, we need to know what people are searching for in their own language.

This Extra includes:

  • Information gathering i.e. obtaining your list of countries to sell to
  • Key phrase research in the appropriate language
  • The number of searches in your target country
  • What the difficulty level would be to target those keywords
  • Your recommended keywords to target based on your business aims


Please note that translations will be done by Google Translate.  However we do offer a professional translation service if you would rather take advantage of native speaker.

The price above is for the research and report for up to three different countries.

Additional countries are priced at £195.00 each and will be invoiced once we receive your list of countries.

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