SEO Premium Package


See your website products, pages and posts SEO soar with our SEO Premium Package.




This package allows you to increase the effectiveness of your website’s on-page-SEO.  Plus it also activates some great off-site SEO.  The Premium package includes everything in the Standard SEO and Extra SEO Packages plus more.

This package includes:

  • Everything in the Standard and Extra SEO Packages
  • Key phrase research; there may be something that people are searching for, but your site is missing.  Anyone can get a site to the top of Google.  What you need is to be at the top of Google for the search terms your customers actually use.
  • Ability to use multiple key phrases per page, post and product
  • Automatic creation of 301 redirects if you change any page names etc.


The price above is per annum.  The minimum term for this Extra is 12 months.

There are also additional fees that are dependent on your website and volume of content. 

This work is charged at our current hourly rate, though below is an example guide to the additional approximate costs.




*These figures are based on single products where we are supplied with the correct content and images.  Products with variations, such as size, quantity etc. take much longer to work with, and therefore will have additional costs.

We understand that it is not always possible to predict how many products a month you will need Extra SEO work on.  Therefore we will review the actual number of products and recalculate the true cost every 6 months.  Any over charges will be refunded and any shortfall will be invoiced to you.

Please contact us via our support card system if you have any questions about this extra.  You may also want to see our SEO Packages comparison tables.

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