SEO Research Audit & Strategy Report


An in depth audit and report to help discover, and implement your SEO strategy.




Our search engine optimisation SEO Research Audit & Strategy Report is often suited to medium to large sized companies, or those with different parts to their business.  We are able to partner with an SEO expert who works on some of the world’s largest international brands. They carry out the in depth research and report back the findings and a supply full set of strategy recommendations to implement.

This report is best carried out before any web design project begins.  This is because the strategy includes recommendations on how best to set up your web presence for SEO.  We need to ascertain the questions your target markets need answers to.  This will help point us in the right direction for the key phrases that are worth using.  We use this knowledge and your brands’ strengths to determine how to create the best content, that people will read and link back to, to answer the questions.

This in depth audit and report will be based on:

  • A review of your business format, markets, locations etc.
  • Any future plans you may have for the business
  • A very clear idea of what your business aims and goals are

The audit and report includes:

  • An audit of your current SEO situation
  • Key phrase research, with the number of searches in your target area
  • What the difficulty level would be to target those keywords
  • Your recommended keywords to target based on your business aims
  • Key Phrase Grouping, which determines the natural patterns of how your website content should work for Google
  • Research on your three main competitors and the findings
  • Detailed recommendations and creation of your SEO marketing strategy for the year
  • Recommendations for how to best set up your web presence for SEO
  • Recommendations for how to best set up your social media for SEO
  • All of the above will be presented in a written report
  • Based on the findings and recommended strategy, we can then determine your best way forward with your website project and our ongoing SEO services


The price above is for the research, strategy and report. The cost of this report will be refunded if you go on to take our SEO Ultimate Package.

Please contact us via our support card system if you have any questions about this extra.  You may also want to see our SEO Packages comparison tables.

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