SEO Strategy Report Implementation


This Extra will professionally implement your SEO Research Audit & Strategy Report’s findings for better results.




Having taken one of our search engine optimisation ‘SEO Research Audit & Strategy Reports‘, this Extra will professionally implement the report’s findings.

The report will contain a full set of strategy recommendations and important keyphrases to use.  We will assist you in deciding which keyphrases are the most critical to focus on including in your site’s navigation and content.

However, for the best results you should have the keyphrases incorporated into the site by our SEO expert.

This is particularly essential in the following situations:

  • where there are ‘Power Pages’ that can have up to five keyphrases targeted
  • where localised SEO is needed for a physical business location
  • where there are eCommerce products for sale on the website
  • where you have moved an existing site to a new domain

The price above is the hourly rate for this work and will depend on the strategy report’s findings and the size of the website.

Please contact us via our support  system if you have any questions about this extra.

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