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The Agency operates a secure password policy and all passwords that connect to any of our systems must:

  • Be 8 or more characters long
  • Include a capital letter
  • Include a lowercase letter
  • Include a number
  • Include a special character
  • Unique and not be used for logging into more than one software system

We appreciate that people in general prefer something easy to remember and will even use the same password for multiple websites and/or software they use.  Often people will think that “no one will be interested in hacking into my accounts”.

Although they are probably correct in the literal sense, but it is not people we are protecting our logins from but sophisticated and automated hacker bots.

This policy is in place to protect both the client organisation’s data and the personal information of any website/app users.  The following will also apply:

  • If the client chooses to change any passwords that have been issued to them by us, then they must agree to make sure they use secure passwords and not ones that will be easy to guess by hacker bots
  • It will also be the client’s responsibility to keep the usernames and passwords private, safe and secure
  • The client must not share passwords with or disclose them to any third party
  • If the client needs to issue any personnel with passwords, for example their email accounts, make sure they also know and understand the security risks of not safeguarding them
  • If the client needs a new email account or website access they must request one using by opening a support card.
  • If a member of staff leaves the organisation the client must inform us immediately, by opening a support card, so that the email account can be safely removed.

DO NOT share logins for emails, website or mobile app CMS with others even from within your own team.


This document must be read in conjunction with, and forms part of the complete The Agency’s policies and agreements:

  • Your Project Proposal
  • Your Client Agreement
  • Our Terms & Conditions
  • Our Operating System & Browser Policy
  • This Secure Password Policy
  • Our Information Security Policy
  • Our Service Level Agreement
  • Our UK GDPR Policy

This document was last updated in May 2022

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