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We are very happy to work on projects within any industry.

Having said that, there are several fields that we are proud to say we excel at.  Whether it is because we have previously worked in the industry, or because our projects have given us a level of knowledge that another web designer may not have.  We are talking about professional website design, as opposed to free site builders such as Wix etc.

Below are those areas where we outshine anyone else.


The agricultural industry is unlike any other. We fully appreciate and understand the challenges faced, and that much can be unpredictable.  Our agriculture industry expertise comes under the brand name Farmgear Marketing.  We have positioned ourselves as agricultural market experts, that will help you grow your business and deal with the unforeseen.

Web Design UK Agriculture Website Projects

Farmgear Marketing was formed in 2004, backed by the experience and knowledge of the agricultural industry gained from working in the industry since 1990.  In other words, we totally understand your business and its complexity better than anyone else.

Since Farmgear agricultural market experts started we have progressed to supplying major machinery manufacturers and suppliers. To achieve this we offer a range of innovative online marketing solutions to help them and their dealer network sell more of their new and used machinery, plus their spare parts stock.

We also work directly with diversification projects, such as:

  • Country stores
  • Farm shops and restaurants
  • Farm toy shops
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Holiday home rental
  • Park farms
  • Organic and sustainability projects
Web Design UK Farm Toys Website Projects

Please do contact us to chat about any agriculture and farming related projects you may need help with.

Sustainable Travel

There are differing types of sustainable travel.  For some it means going on their adventures without flying, and then minimising any negative impact they may have on the places the visit.

For others it can mean trying to get some people at work to car share.  Whether from a spirit of ‘being green’ or because a planning application demands it.

With Covid-19 it can mean working remotely. We are currently developing a range of secure options for this type of work.

For us though, sustainable travel means giving you the tools to get your staff to genuinely travel sustainably to work.  And to keep them following their new found, good habits.

Web Design UK Sustainable Travel Website Design Projects

“As an organisation there is an ever-increasing responsibility to consider the environment in relation to operating activities.”

Vee Ridgley

A large part of this is likely to be getting staff to travel sustainably.  This in turn minimises the organisation’s impact on its location, through:

  • reducing car park demand
  • reducing congestion at local and national level
  • increasing air quality

The proof is plain to see during the Corona pandemic.

The resulting benefits are many and varied.  However, we understand that there are barriers to creating the behavioural change required to implement sustainable travel at staff level.

Our tools enable you to do the following:

  • Communicate the benefits of sustainable travel to staff
  • Encourage behavioural change
  • Incentivise them to change their travel habits
  • Easily collect the data to prove the resulting shifts
  • Allow them to work remotely with high online security

Sustainable travel is a now a heavily focussed on concept.  We know how to help make it so much easier for you, whether you are an SME, multinational corporation or an educational establishment.  Please do contact us to arrange a no-obligation call or meeting to discuss how we can help you.

Please also feel free to contact the sustainable travel ‘champions’ Travel2Next and their team leader Sarah McAlinden for any advice.

Retail & Hospitality

Web Design UK eCommerce Website Design Project

Selling online is a potentially complicated activity.  There is more to it than putting a few products online.  There are laws and regulations to consider, stock management, logistics, delivery costs, pricing etc.  Not to mention offering a professional service whilst all this goes on.  And if no one finds your website it could all have been a waste of time and resources.  Success is much more likely with experienced advice and a professional website project.

With our own experience in retail, both online and offline, we really do understand the complexities of eCommerce.  This puts us in the perfect position to advise on how best to proceed with your eCommerce website project.

Promoting your restaurant, hotel, leisure business or small B&B etc. is another situation where a professional website is essential.  By professional we mean a fully functioning tool for you, with the correct infrastructure behind it, not just a fancy home page design.

Web Design UK Restaurant Website Design Project

We are also very fortunate to have a key member of the team with great experience in the hospitality sector.  As a manager of various catering establishments, and then a restaurateur herself, we are perfectly placed to help you with your hospitality business.

And with the current awareness of food allergies etc. we can help you make this work.  Our catering ‘expert’ has Coeliac disease herself and understands only too well the issues that poorly constructed menus, lack of staff knowledge and unclear messages on restaurant websites can cause.

Other Industries

We are happy to work within any industry, we always make sure we understand your business anyway.  Having said that, we already have either direct experience of working in, working with and/or creating websites for the following:

Web Design UK Chocolate Website Design Projects
  • Schools
  • Removals and storage
  • Automotive
  • Weddings
  • Dental
  • Music & bands
  • Art
  • Public sector
  • Chocolate
  • Energy suppliers
  • Building and the trades
  • Amateur dramatics
  • Wellbeing and therapies
  • Village shops
  • Local butchers shop
  • Mobility aids

Good Causes

We like to help small organisations where we know every penny goes directly to help the cause.  Our websites can add a significant income stream through online donations.  Not to mention increasing awareness around the topic the charity supports.

Web Design UK Business Printing Hedgehog Care Business Cards

Please take a look at a selection of charity websites we have created for small charitable organisations and local good causes.

If you are in this category please do contact us and explain why and how we might be able to help you.

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