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  • The Business: The Agency, or any of its other brand names.
  • Employee or member of staff: someone employed to work for the Business, whether as a fully employed person or as a contractor.

1. Purpose

This Assets policy documents the necessary information required to effectively manage Business IT assets and employee access to them.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all users of the Business’ assets.  Which can be broadly defined as:

  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • monitors
  • printers
  • scanners
  • portable storage devices
  • telephones, including mobiles
  • system software
  • client applications

All server infrastructure is protected by UKFast our dedicated hosting provider.

3. Policy

  • All IT assets purchased by the Business are the property of The Business and will be issued and utilised in a manner that is deemed most effective for carrying out the Business’ functions.
  • All IT assets purchased are to be registered in the Business’ asset management log and be asset tagged before being issued or put into use.
  • Individual users will be held responsible for the care and security at all times of assets, whether they are in use, storage or movement.
  • Individual users are not allowed to install unapproved software on devices.
  • The cost of IT related reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities will be met by the Business.
  • All IT assets that are no longer in use must be returned to the Business
  • Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to dismissal.
  • Digital and non-hardware assets are protected by our UK GDPR Policy

4. Documents

This document must be read in conjunction with, and forms part of the complete The Agency’s policies and agreements:

  • Your Project Proposal
  • Your Client Agreement
  • Our Terms & Conditions
  • Our Operating System & Browser Policy
  • This Secure Password Policy
  • Our Information Security Policy
  • Our Service Level Agreement
  • Our UK GDPR Policy

This document was last updated in May 2022

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