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Your New Website Options

With decades of experience and a great team, we are well placed to build your new website for you.

If you are looking for affordability, combined with high quality and function, our templated site options are extremely suitable.

Moreover, we offer ‘add-on’ options to suit very specific industry types.  Which you can read more about below.

If your business’ needs are over and above what our template offer, we also create custom, more complex build websites.

Details on pricing are given below.

Web Design Uk Website Pricing

Templated Site Features

All our full templated website designs include:

  • transparent pricing
  • a fully mobile friendly and responsive design
  • standard pages; About Us, Contact Us, UK GDPR Policy, Terms & Conditions
  • two special pages, such as Meet the Team or a gallery
  • initial optimisation for Google ranking for pages and products
  • free SSL certificate as standard giving your site the green padlock icon
  • links to your social media pages
  • hosting on our dedicated server
  • your business email accounts
  • free training website to practice on safely
  • the ability to add many of our website extra services
  • our client incentive scheme

You will also receive our great business support, making online life a lot easier for you.

The pages on our templated one page websites are:

  • home page with sections for; About Us, Contact Us, Find Us
  • pages for UK GDPR Policy, Terms & Conditions

Custom Build Site Features

Our custom web design websites are for those that need something even more powerful, exclusive and specific for their business or organisation.

For example specific functions, enhanced eCommerce, a unique design, software integrations and more.

For this type of site we will require a lot of information from you to start with.  We will also need an initial meeting either face to face or via a video call.

eCommerce Add-On

Our powerful eCommerce option is aimed at businesses who want to sell their products further afield than their location.

Why wait until your competitors have built an eCommerce website and are successfully selling their products online, when you can be a leader and start selling your products before they do.

Build up your brand loyalty quickly and ensure you give a first class service all the time and your customers will have no reason to buy elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless and you can keep adding more products to grow your eCommerce website whenever you want.

Our clients have had success selling items such as:

  • spare parts
  • gifts
  • garden machinery
  • toys
  • pet food
  • clothing
  • food
  • packing materials
  • and more
Web Design Uk Portfolio Fishmonger Near Me


Web Design Uk Woocommerce

If you are new to eCommerce, Web Design UK will be with you every step of the way.

Our eCommerce websites use one of the World’s leading eCommerce platforms in WooCommerce to deliver an outstanding easy-to-navigate mobile friendly website that is full of powerful marketing tools.

And with an array of bolt-on features, an eCommerce website from Web Design UK will help extend your sales reach and provide your visitors with a superb buying experience when on your site.

An eCommerce design requires careful thought and planning to execute properly.  And with our expertise and guidance, it is a great way of engaging with your customers more and adding an extra revenue stream.

eCommerce will allow your customers to buy from you 24 hours a day from the comfort of their home or workplace,

They are unable to do this from your physical store as you are limited by the geographical area that you can service.

Attracting New Customers

There will be hundreds of ready-waiting customers out there that will buy your products.

The big question is how can you reach them so that they can buy them from you?

By having an eCommerce website, this will give your company a brilliant shop window for buyers to easily find your products and buy them from you.

Taking our eCommerce package will also enable you to build stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

Especially when taken with a mobile app package.

Whatever you need, we will guide you step-by-step to ensure the whole process is hassle free.

And even when the site is live, our on-going first class support will give you complete peace-of-mind that should anything happen, it will be dealt with swiftly.

Take Bookings Add-On

The bookings add-on option is aimed at businesses who sell bookable services.

Things such as:

  • restaurant tables
  • bed & breakfast
  • holiday home rentals
  • campsite bookings
  • caravan parks
  • equipment hire
  • dog walking parks
  • equestrian pursuits
  • farm parks
  • educational courses
  • and more


Save your own time by taking bookings automatically via your website.  No need for phone calls and long email conversations as you check your diary manually.

Let your customers book reservations, appointments, rentals or more with you at a time convenient for them.

Web Design Uk Portfolio Muddy Paws Paddock

Once made by your customers, your bookings appear on a calendar within your website dashboard.

You can set your own prices, availability and more.  Even add bookings yourself manually to ensure no double bookings if you do take a phone call

Showcase Items Add-On

This add-on option is aimed at businesses who need to showcase things such as:

  • job vacancies
  • property for sale
  • land for sale
  • farms for sale
  • stud service
  • and more

Let your site visitors interact with your showcase items.

For example by applying for a job, calling about a property or viewing your stud animals etc.

Web Design Uk Portfolio Burdens Group Limited

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From our SEO research experience, we have found that the vast majority of agricultural dealer websites are performing poorly on major search engines.

Is your website one of them? If so this can be down to poor SEO.

SEO is vitally important in ensuring you maximise your website and machinery stock visibility on search engines such as Google.  Thereby helping your machinery stocks be found ranking highly, helping to sell them quickly.

Web Design UK are SEO experts in selling agricultural machinery stock.  Coupled with our vast experience of the agricultural industry, we can ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. We will show you how to achieve this.

Additionally, we offer a specialist SEO Research Audit and Strategy Report for companies that want to take their selling to the highest level.

If you are serious about being ahead of your competitors, both in selling stock and other products and services, this report is a vital investment.


Website Design FAQs

What are templated websites?

Templated websites will save you time and money.

Having one of our fantastically designed templated websites will mean you not only save money, but get your website up and running much quicker.

As the site as already been designed, this means we only need to add the content such as, images, logos, text, graphics, etc.

This will therefore reduce our time to complete, which will save you money and also get your new website ‘live’ much quicker.

Do I have to take a templated design?

We also provide bespoke websites.

You don not have to take one of our templated designs and you can have your own bespoke website design.

Of course, as it is not a pre-designed template, the cost will be more than if you were to take a templated design, because we have to design and develop your site from scratch.

To talk to us about a Bespoke website package, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements in more detail.

There are endless choices of how your new site can look and our experienced design team will ensure you get a website that not only looks stunning, but has all the features you require to suit your business model and is fully optimised to Google.

What is a mobile friendly and responsive website?

Why must your website be mobile friendly?

Having a mobile friendly (or responsive) website is a necessity in today’s’ fast paced internet world.

There are many positive reasons that your site should be mobile friendly, but the most important is that your site visitors will expect it and be more likely to visit your site and stay on it.

As more and more people now use their mobile device to view websites (over 60% now browse via their mobile device over traditional devices such as PC’s and laptops), not having a mobile friendly site could be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing potential custom.

Also having a mobile friendly site will improve your ranking on Google, therefore giving your business a more prominent position on search engines and increasing your sites’ visibility, as Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly websites.

We also call these sites ‘responsive’, because the site itself will adapt to suit the screen size it is being viewed on, for a much greater browsing experience for your site visitors.

What is dedicated hosting?

Speedier websites and a faster browsing experience for your site visitors.

Dedicated hosting means that we use our own server to host your website on.

This allows us configure it to suit the needs of your website and the resources it will need.

This allows us to give much better support, faster opening web pages on your site and configure extras like spam filtering and higher levels of security, etc.

This is opposed to having a ‘shared’ server, which a lot of other web companies use as it is often cheaper.

The downside of having a shared serve, is that you will be sharing your website resources with lots of other websites from other web companies and will have no idea what resources (including bandwidth and disk space) they will need or are using.

For instance, one of the other websites may require lots of traffic and bandwidth at certain times of the day and this can significantly slow your site and web pages down or even mean your website goes down.

Most ‘shared’ servers, even those that claim to be unlimited, often have fair usage policies and limits on bandwidth and disk usage which could mean if your site exceeds either of these it could go down.

Our dedicated server is based in the UK, with 24/7 UK support, 99.99% uptime and constant performance monitoring to ensure your website is available to your customers with the minimal chance of disruption.

Google will start to rank websites with faster loading pages much higher.

Do you know where your current website is hosted or whether it is on a shared server or dedicated server?

Chances are you do not. Why would you? You trust your web company to sort all this and as long as your website is visible, then that is all that matters. Right?

Unfortunately this will soon not be the case, as Google will start to rank websites higher based on their page loading speeds.

This will mean it becomes more crucial to know how your current website is hosted.

By taking one of our website packages, you get a dedicated server as standard and therefore Google will not penalise you or your website.

We have previously used shared hosting as it is much cheaper, but our customers complained bitterly that their websites were slow to load and visitors were complaining how long it would take for web pages to open.

We no longer use shared hosting for any of our sites and our customers have seen increased their visitors and sales enquiries because of this.

Can you afford to have a slow loading website?

Your New Mobile App Options

Our Mobile Apps will help increase brand loyalty from your customers.

Whether it’s buying products,  booking an appointment, accommodation or offering a loyalty scheme, mobile apps are a great way to engage with your customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

Our Mobile Apps have been designed to give you all the tools to engage better with your customers and even reward their loyalty.

We can also set up an Apple and Google developer accounts for you, so your customers can download these in confidence from the relevant store. We can also add these links to your website.

The great features of our mobile apps can be found on the Mobile App Development Cost page.

Farmgear Mobile App Splashscreen Ios Scaled

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