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Your New Mobile App Development Options

Our Mobile Apps will help increase brand loyalty from your customers.

If you are concerned about mobile app development cost, you will find out mobile app prices fair and affordable.

Whether it’s buying products,  booking an appointment, accommodation or offering a loyalty scheme, mobile apps are a great way to engage with your customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

Our Mobile Apps have been designed to give you all the tools to engage better with your customers and even reward their loyalty.

We can also set up an Apple and Google developer accounts for you, so your customers can download these in confidence from the relevant store. We can also add these links to your website.

The great features of each package are listed below.

Mobile App Packages

Standard Package

  • header image
  • your logo
  • splash screen image
  • navigation Menu: Users can easily find their way to app content
  • links to your social media pages: Users can quickly visit your social media channels
  • seamless integration with your website: Your website’s content displays within the app
  • eCommerce: Your website’s products display within the app
  • push notifications: Schedule targeted in-app notifications to users
  • directions: In-app map with directions to your location function
  • CMS dashboard: Where you manage your notifications and other features, including statistics and reports
Mobile App Development Cost

Premium Package

  • as standard
  • restrict content access to logged in users: Set up access restrictions that determine what parts of the app are visible dependent on a user’s logged in status
  • classify app users: Group users so that you can target specific customers with notifications, coupons etc.
  • geo targeting: Target users in specific locations, or by radius
  • SMS notifications: Send up to 1000 text notifications to users a month
  • customer coupons: Create app-wide coupons or target specific users
  • in-app loyalty card: Offer rewards and discounts for repeat business, with time sensitive offers that can be redeemed by a member of staff
  • in-app loyalty club: Give your most loyal customers exclusive benefits, with up to three different levels of privileges
  • chat with customers: Instant messaging service
  • in-app banner adverts: Showcase special offers etc.
  • in-app forms: Use a custom form to capture information from app users, such as appointment requests, customer feedback, etc.

Food & Shopping Delivery Add-On

Benefit from the growing trend to show fresh and locally.

  • as Premium app package
  • local collection or delivery: Sell food products, or items from your shop for collection or local delivery
  • online or offline payment: Take payment within the app or when customers collect or accept delivery
  • define time slots: You set your delivery or collection times to suit your business
  • shop locator for collection
Mobile App Development Cost

Audio Streaming Add-On

Take advantage of the demand for podcasts and niche radio or video to attract new customers.

  • as Premium app package
  • share your own podcasts
  • broadcast your own live radio station
  • broadcast your own live video show

Custom Functions

We are also able to build custom functions into your mobile app.

Pricing will depend on what is required.

Mobile App Design

What will your mobile app look like once it is built?

You will have a choice of two options for your mobile app design:

  1. A custom mobile app with a brand new design suited to your business and its audience
  2. A design that matches your current website, keeping your branding consistent across the site and mobile app

Mobile Apps FAQs

What are the benefits of having a mobile app?

Better customer engagement:

  • mobile apps offer better personalisation options to the users
  • users can set up preferences
  • apps can track customer engagement
  • they can identify user locations for targeting geo-specific content
  • apps can use the features of a mobile, such as the camera, or GPS location, making the user experience better
  • the device’s features can shorten the time users need for performing tasks within the app
  • and can often boost conversions.
  • apps are able to offer basic content and functionality to users when offline
  • statistics show that people now spend significantly more time using a mobile app that visiting a mobile website


Brand recognition:

  • the increased use of mobile devices means that users will regularly see your mobile app on their device
  • just having the app’s icon in view works as a mini-advertisement for the business
  • additionally, the visible icon helps subconsciously influence a user’s perception of a business
  • although advertising can be ignored, it is found to still make an impression on the user’s mind
  • put your business well ahead of your competitors


Sending notifications to users

  • emails to customers can easily be ignored as part of ‘email overload’
  • in-App and push notifications allow you to message users instantly, and in a non-intrusive way
  • in-app notifications are those that a user will see when they are using the app
  • push notifications, are those that users can receive regardless of whether the app is open or not
  • chat function lets users communicate with you without their contact form entries going into your spam folder
What are the benefits of push notifications?

Many companies feel the need to bombard their customers with emails, social media posts and more.

Too many, especially if they are uninteresting, communications can have an adverse effect on your customers’ loyalty.

By using push notifications properly and sparingly you can create the opposite effect.

For example:

  • only send sales pitches a user may genuinely be interested in
  • latest product launches based on a user’s interests
  • competitions a user may genuinely be interested in
  • flash sales
  • stock alerts
  • last minute availability of bookings
  • new/additional loyalty scheme features
  • VIP events
  • business interruption warnings
  • local road closures
  • telephone systems out of action
  • adverse weather conditions in your location
Are apps faster than websites?
  • mobile devices tend to store app data locally
  • Websites need to use web servers
  • therefore, mobile apps retrieve data more quickly
How do I manage my mobile app?

Your mobile app comes with a full Contend Manager System (CMS).

This allows you, based on your package, to create and view:

  • push notifications
  • in-app banner adverts
  • SMS notifications
  • chat with users
  • geo targeting
  • customer coupons
  • in-app forms
  • directions to your location
  • other in-app content
  • statistics
Does my app have to go in an app store?

There are three types of mobile app:

  • iOS native apps can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store
  • Android native apps can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store
  • Native apps require paid developer accounts in one or both of the above stores
  • Progressive Web App (PWAs) do not need to be put in the above app stores, but can be downloaded via a QR code on your own website, Facebook page, leaflet etc.
  • PWAs give you a faster and more engaging version of your website or eCommerce store
  • PWAs can do most things that native apps can do, such as operate offline, access your camera and microphone, if necessary, GPS, and more
  • All app types come with a CMS
  • Only native apps allow you to send push notifications

What Does Mobile App Development Cost?


We are able to reduce your mobile app development cost if you book more than one project at the same time.  We can most likely offer you a good discount.

For example, if you take a mobile app package and a website package, our developers will save time on the projects.  thereby allowing us to reduce your investment.

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