Transfer of a Domain to Our Servers


What is a domain name? A domain name is a website’s address or Universal Resource Locator (URL), its unique location on the internet.  Only one website can ‘live’ at a particular domain, which is why sometimes a new business finds that their preferred domain is already taken.  Much like physical buildings have their own unique […]

Client Incentives


We offer a range of client incentives from free business cards to financial rewards. Once you become a customer of ours you can take advantage of the following incentives: Free Business Cards For any new Project package that a Client takes with us you will receive a set of our Luxury Double Sided business cards.  […]

Some Emails Are Not Received By The Recipient


Introduction Sometimes you may send an email to another person and they then contact you to say they have not received it. This does not mean you necessarily have a problem with your emails, as the problem may lie with the recipient’s email hosting provider.   The treatment of spam emails Most likely the recipient will […]

Getting Lots of Spam Emails

Web Design Uk Header Getting Lots Of Spam

Introduction Sadly we are all plagued by spam emails. An whatever steps we take, they still keep coming. Below we explain where spam comes from and some things you can do to try and reduce its volume. What is email spam? Email spam, also known as junk email, is unsolicited bulk messages sent through email […]

Common Email Problems

Common Email Problems

Introduction There are usually five reasons why email accounts either do not work or stop working:   There is a problem with the server The email account is not correctly set up on the device it is being used on Your mailbox is full Your broadband provider Your attachments are too big The first reason […]

Using The Webmail Facility


Introduction Your email accounts from us also come with a Webmail facility.   Emails travel over the internet between servers.  In general we tend to use email clients/programs to download and deal with the emails on the server.  This is partly because a full blown email client will have more features and functionality than a […]

How To Set Up Your New Email Addresses

How To Set Up Your New Email Addresses

Introduction When we set up a new email address for you we will supply you with the email address(es) and password(s).  You can then use the address(es) with your chosen email client e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Apple Mail etc.   Every one of these email clients will have different methods for setting up a new […]

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Website

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Website

Introduction You may wonder whether it really matters what we call the different parts of a website?   In some ways it does not.  But when we are working on a project with you it can help save a lot of confusion if we know we are both talking about the same things.   Although […]

How To Prepare Content For A Successful Website

How To Prepare Content For A Successful Website

Introduction Designing and building your website is our job.  We will even add the content for you during the build stages.  However, what tends to become the largest stumbling block for getting a project completed on time, is the fact that we need your input with the actual content creation. If you have not already […]

Using Facebook as a Business

Using Facebook As A Business

Facebook Profiles Explained Facebook can be a very useful social media platform depending on your type of business.  In general Facebook suits Business to Consumer (B2C) organisations best.  In other words, businesses that sell to individual customers, as opposed to selling to other businesses. When you sign up to Facebook you agree to use your […]