Formatting Images, Graphics & Logos For The Web


Learning how to prepare images & PDFs for the web is time well spent as poorly formatted images can really slow your website down.  So please name your images very carefully as the image names can affect your position in search engine rankings.

They should be relevant, meaningful, unique and not too long.  Incorrect names can also stop your website working if it is database driven.   See the examples below to give you an idea.  

Preparing Images For The Web

If you have more than one picture of the same thing then add a number at the end of each name to differentiate them.  Ideally you should number them in the order you would like them to appear, i.e. party-1.jpg will appear before party-2.jpg etc.  Make sure you include the – between the name and number.

Please also bear in mind that large file size images can seriously slow your website down.  Make sure you resize any images before adding them to a website.   If you do not have graphics software we can edit images for you.  You will need to purchase our ‘Optimising Images‘ Extra.  Or you can use an online editor such as

When you resize them make sure you also set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch.   We will let you know which image formats we require.  The examples above are just for illustration.      

Formatting PDFs

When naming a PDF please use a – between words rather than a space.  For example: use ‘new-important-document.pdf’ not ‘new important document.pdf’.

The former will create a URL like this:, which is Google friendly.

Whereas the latter will create one like this:, which is not Google friendly.  

PDF documents can be quite large so please make sure you do what you can to minimise their size.  The method for this will depend on what type of computer and which software you are using.  Here is an online guide that may help, otherwise you can do a Google search for ‘reduce pdf size online’.   

SEO For Images

When naming your images to help with search rankings make sure they are named after the SEO Focus Keyword for the page/post/category they are to appear on.  

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