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Don’t let your potential customers miss out on finding your website through poor SEO!

Our range of Search Engine Optimisation packages will help enhance your Google ranking and reach your target audience.

If your website is performing poorly on major search engines, the most likely cause of this is poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your web pages and products and therefore one of our search engine optimisation packages will help to rectify this problem for you.

SEO is vitally important in ensuring you maximise your website and product visibility on search engines such as Google and will help you reach page one if done with care and attention.

Our expertise and guidance will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors and our range of search engine optimisation packages will give you an advantage over your competition to help your website and products get found easily on Google.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to, is the process of helping to make your website appear higher up in the results of search engines like Google for instance.

Clever use of keywords will help boost your website ranking, but there is so much more to consider for effective SEO.

Without SEO your website will stand little chance of reaching your target audience and seriously reduce the visibility of your website on the major search engines.

Having a presence of the first three pages of search engines is a minimum requirement for a website to be successful, but having a presence on page one will give your website and products the best possible chance of reaching its target audience and help to give you an increase in sales and enquiries.

Why is SEO so important?

SEO requires expert knowledge of how search engines will find and therefore rank your products. If your website and products meet the criteria of search engines, that will significantly improve your ranking.

But is meeting this criteria enough in a tough marketplace where your competitors are already enjoying much more success than you are?

We have learned that effective SEO now requires you to go above and beyond just simply meeting the criteria.  It is a skill that requires a lot of thought and research into finding the most effective keywords for your products and web pages and then applying that research into an effective SEO campaign.

How can we improve your ranking on search engines?

We use a wide range of effective SEO tools to perfect the keywords that your website and products need, without cheating the system, which can have the opposite effect and see your website fall down the rankings.

Our SEO experts can research the most effective keywords to not only improve your ranking, but to also reach a much bigger target audience.

Consider this.  You sell a range of pet foods and you have a product listing for ‘fish food’ that you think is a high search term and therefore will give you a good ranking on Google.

We do our keyword research and find that ‘fish food’ is only searched for 860 times per week.  We then look at alternative keywords and find that ‘fish flakes’ and ‘fish pellets’ are searched for 2000 and 1600 times per week respectively.

From our keyword research, by making a few tweaks to your product SEO you can gain a higher ranking and reach a much wider audience.

But it doesn’t stop there as we could use all three of these keywords on a single product and improve the visibility of this product even further!

Now it is being included within the Google search of nearly 4500 searches per week compared to 860.  That’s an increase of over 500%.

What are the SEO packages?

Whilst we always provide good SEO when producing your website and adding products, you can then bolt-on one of our SEO packages to improve your ranking even further and reach a much wider, but very specific audience of visitors who are looking for your products.

We offer three levels of search engine optimisation packages plus SEO audit reports:

Standard SEO Package: 

Fantastic value and aimed at customers who want effective SEO of their website and products, but are maybe on a smaller budget.  This package is a great introduction to better SEO and includes:

  • Making sure we create your site with all the technical and structural foundations of a website that is search engine friendly
  • Optimisation of pages, posts and products using a suitable key phrase
  • Optimisation of image names using a suitable key phrase
  • Creation of your Google Search Console account
  • Creation of your Google Analytics account
  • Submission of XML sitemaps to Google
  • ‘Pre-flight’ testing of your website on the current, most popular, desktop and mobile browser

Extra SEO Package: 

This package includes:

  • Everything in the Standard SEO Package
  • Minor editing of your blog post content to fully optimise it
  • Ability to use multiple key phrases per page, post and product for more effective SEO
  • Optimisation of product categories
  • Creation of your Bing Webmaster Tools account
  • Submission of XML sitemaps to Bing

Premium SEO Package:

Our ‘premium’ package allows you to increase the effectiveness of your website’s on-page-SEO.  Plus it also activates some great off-site SEO too.  The Premium package includes:

  • Everything in the Standard and Extra SEO Packages
  • Competitor analysis
  • Key phrase research – There may be something that people are searching for, but your site is missing. Anyone can get a site to the top of Google.  What you need is to be at the top of Google for the search terms your customer use.

If your website is performing poorly or you don’t feel that it is reaching its intended audience effectively, then get in touch with us on 0115 871 4223 for more information.

Ultimate SEO Package

This package includes everything you can possibly need to increase the chances of you reaching high rankings.  The Ultimate package includes everything in the Standard SEO, Extra SEO and Premium SEO Packages.

Plus so much more, so take a closer look at the package details.

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