Completing the Machinery Stocks Form


Our ‘Completing the Machinery Stocks Form’ is used to gather the information that enables us to create your machinery stock products.  As it is online it also allows you to create your product information in situ.

Having the correct information in this form is crucial to the successful sale of your product.  The product needs to be easily and quickly found on Google and/or other search engines.  If Google does not understand what a product is it will not return it as a search result.  Giving the search engines the best information within the product, for them to select that product as a search result, is part of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process.

Industry specific abbreviations and acronyms will work face to face, but Google does not understand them, for example:

AbbreviationAgriculture IndustryGoogle Results
RHSRight hand sideThe Royal Horticultural Society
ACAir conditioningAlternating current
NHNew HollandNew Hampshire
PCPower CommandPersonal computer
EPSElectric Power SteeringEarnings per share

By definition then, if the information within this form is incorrect, the product details on the website will also be incorrect.  And therefore hard to find online and sell.  Not all of the fields below may appear on your form as we will have customised it to suit your business processes.

Please follow the instructions below carefully as they will make a world of difference to the quality of your product listings.

Machinery Title

This becomes the title of the product on the website.  This is also the basis for the SEO keyword and other SEO elements of the product.  Please use the following format:

Manufacturer  Item/Model  For Sale UK or Manufacturer  Item/Model  For Sale County

For example:

“Amazone ADP Super Combination Drill for Sale UK”


“Amazone ADP Super Combination Drill for Sale Cheshire”

Additionally, because your website is database driven, every product must have a different title.  If you find you have more than one of the same item please add something short to the title to differentiate them.  For example one of the following:

  1. Year of manufacture
  2. Mileage
  3. Hours
  4. Colour
  5. Use your county instead of UK on one of them
  6. A number

Machinery Description

The description needs to contain as much information as possible to help the prospective buyer want to contact you about the product.

It is also where we include the SEO keyword and other SEO elements of the product.  Please try and include the following elements that are relevant to the product:

  • The manufacturer
  • The model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Mileage
  • Hours
  • Colour
  • Air Conditioning
  • Front linkage
  • Any other features that are useful for the buyer to know

If you use the formatting below you can include the SEO keyword again, an internal site link and create a nice bulleted list of feature:

This Amazone ADP Super Combination Drill for Sale UK is a used 2012 machine and has specification that includes:

<li>4 metre combination drill</li>
<li>Amatron + control box</li>
<li>Rotec coulters</li>
<li>12.5cm row spacing</li>
<li>Wedge ring packer</li>
<li>Hopper cover</li>
<li>This combination drill has covered approximately 1800 hectares</li>
<li>Only £23,500.00 plus VAT</li>

For more information on this Amazone ADP Super Combination Drill for Sale UK, please contact us.

We also have various other combination drills for sale and a range of other agricultural farm machinery* for sale at any time.

*Where agricultural farm machinery is a link to your category or perhaps your contact page.

Custom Fields

These are fields we have created especially for your company, for example:

  • Sales Person
  • Product Depot
  • Manufacturer
  • All Stock at a particular depot

Product Manufacturer

The number of agricultural machinery manufacturers available makes it impossible to include a tick list of them all.  Instead please type the name in this field. If the manufacturer is already in the system it will show as you start to type.

Make sure you use the full title not abbreviations (see above), that they are spelled correctly and are consistent.  For example do not interchange Case with Case IH.

Product Categories

Your form will be pre populated with the product categories we have created for your website.  We do this to keep the website well structured and to prevent multiple categories that have no SEO elements and only one product in them.  Too many empty or sparsely populated categories does not make a site user friendly.


This field will only take numbers.  There is no need to enter a currency symbol and you cannot add letters such as POA.

If you wish to show a price on the website enter it here.  If you do not wish to show a price on the website leave this blank.

If you wish to use POA or similar add that to the item’s description above.

Your system stock code/identifier

Whatever management system you are using, such as IBCOS, Catalyst Platinum etc. you may want this product’s ID to be the same as the SKU on the website.  If so please enter it here.  If you would like the website to randomly generate SKU numbers please leave it blank.

Product Images

We have put the image file upload section on the second page of the form so that you can save the form and come back to add the images.  Images need to be optimised before uploading.  This is especially important for machinery stocks as we do not want to use an image of an item before it has been made good for sale.  Changing images once the product is live will be charged for.

Unless you are on our Ultimate SEO package, which includes image optimisation, you will need to format and optimise your product images before uploading.

Therefore, to reduce your costs it is important that you supply us with the correctly optimised images.  Our Knowledge Base article Formatting Image, Graphics and Logos explains how and why it is necessary to optimise your images before uploading them..

Where we have to optimise any images it will take more time to create the products and we will need to charge you for optimising them.  See our Optimising Images Extra for details.  We reserve the right to not action any future product uploads until any outstanding invoices are paid in full.

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