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1. Requirements

The Agency operates an operating system (OS) and browser policy, and all devices that connect to any of our systems must:

  • Ideally be the latest version of the OS or;
  • Be a current and fully supported version of the OS
  • Have updates and/or security patches applied at the time of issue by the OS
  • Use the latest version of any browser
  • Have updates and/or security patches applied at the time of issue by the browser

Our Full Terms & Conditions state that Clients who connect to our systems, such as, but not limited to, website CMS, email accounts etc., must ensure their devices have current and up-to-date security software installed.  They must also ensure their devices’ operating systems and browsers are the latest versions with all patches/updates applied.

2. Consequences

Failure to comply with the above may compromise our and your systems.  Any security issues caused by your non-compliance, that require work by us to correct, will be charged for.

Please also be aware that failure to comply with the browser terms above may render your website(s) in a ‘broken’ format.

As each client will have their own choice and combination of OS and browsers, we are unable to provide instructions here.  Please visit the relevant OS and browsers websites to learn how.

As of 2020 you must NOT connect to our systems using any version of Microsoft prior to Windows 10, including but not limited to, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc.

We also recommend that you turn on automatic updates for your chosen browser.

3. OS and Browser Lifecycles

We have linked to the main suppliers of operating systems and browsers below.

6. Documents

This document must be read in conjunction with, and forms part of the complete The Agency’s policies and agreements:

  • Your Project Proposal
  • Your Client Agreement
  • Our Terms & Conditions
  • Our Operating System & Browser Policy
  • This Secure Password Policy
  • Our Information Security Policy
  • Our Service Level Agreement
  • Our UK GDPR Policy

This document was last updated in May 2022

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