DDos Protection & WAF Firewall


Ensure extra levels of security to prevent DDos attacks and software vulnerability exploitation on your website.




The DDos Protection & WAF Firewall Extra covers you for even more types of potential cyber attack.

DDos stands for ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ attack prevention.  WAF stands for ‘Web Application Firewall’.

DDos attacks are the type of attacks you may have heard of as ‘Cyber’ attacks or where businesses are forced to pay a ‘ransom’ to the attackers to prevent the attack.

A WAF protects against vulnerabilities in the website’s applications itself.  For example protecting files and software that may have a hidden vulnerability in it.  The WAF filters out any malicious traffic that is looking for the vulnerability.  As part of AferCare all website software is updated automatically so that software updates and/or patches are current.  However, further protection can be very worthwhile.

Unfortunately cyber attacks are are on the increase therefore, if your website handles personal data, we strongly suggest you use this service.

Our dedicated servers with UKFast have given us the opportunity to offer this Extra.

Please have a read of the full details of what is covered in our UKFast factsheets:

DDos Attack Protection Factsheet PDF
WAF Firewall Factsheet PDF

The price above is per domain per month.  This Extra has no additional monthly support fee.

Please contact us via our support card system if you have any questions about this extra.

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