eCommerce Website For Booking Asian Wedding DJs

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The Client


Bobby and Micky run a very busy Asian Wedding DJ business in Manchester called Desi Jockeys.

They are very active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but they knew they needed a website as well to properly showcase their work.

Although they are DJ’s they also offer a lot of visual effects for these exciting events.  Capturing the colours and enjoyment of the occasions is something they have managed to do, often with their own photography.

The new website had to feature a live Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed.  Anything they post to any of those channels appears on the website as well.   Plus, you can follow and like them directly from the feeds.  Unfortunately the Instagram feed no linger works but this will be dealt with in the upgrade.

They definitely needed a contact form allow them to capture email addresses when potential clients are making enquiries.

They also wanted to have a testimonial area so that they can add the genuine thanks they receive from their clients.


The Project


A bespoke WordPress site works best for Bobby and Micky as we have made it easy to see some of the wonderful pictures of the events.  A quick look at the Gallery shows you how much people are enjoying themselves!

It also means they can manage to site themselves.  Using the blogging function, they can write about the events and post them as articles.  Bobby has even done this from his mobile whilst still at an event.  They can also add new images to the gallery.  This keeps the site updated and fresh.

The website is responsive, so it automatically fits to the device you are viewing it on.  The mobile version does not have as much imagery on it but the important things, like their telephone number and contact form, are very visible.

Bobby and Micky are very forward thinking and have recently booked an upgrade to create an eCommerce website which will be able to sell their bookings.  It is always very enjoyable to work with the Desi Jockeys team on a project Website project and we look forward to seeing the latest version on the site up and running.

Read what Bobby has to say about the project.

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