Mobile friendly website for two federated primary schools in Lincolnshire

View the Frithville and New York Primary School Federation website in full.


The Client


The Frithville and New York Primary School Federation has the same executive headteacher and the same set of Governors and therefore required not only two separate websites for each primary school, but a federation website which could contain all the content that the two schools shared.


The Project


Although each school has a mobile friendly website designed by us, there was a lot of information that was shared between the two federated schools, namely policies, governor information, forms, curriculum and term dates.

Information unique to each school was to be put on the relevant school website, but information shared between the two schools was to be put on this federation (shared) website.

Not only is this time saving for all involved, it helped reduce ‘duplicated content’ on Google, which can have a negative impact on rankings.

This site also needed to be adult and child friendly, as adults could read information on the federation and children can view various pages with links to specific sites used for education purposes.

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