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The Client

Next PLc are at the forefront of promoting sustainable travel for their staff at all their sites.  There are on average 35,000 staff across all the Next PLc sites and they take their responsibilities very seriously.  Their travel plans and travel schemes keep winning awards.

To encourage and include staff in the sustainable travel initiative, they needed a new website that would enable staff to access relevant information and understand the benefits they can achieve personally.

The Next Sustainable Travel Website Project

The Travel2Next website needed to match the Next PLC corporate style, yet be sufficiently different to be eye catching and interesting for staff to want to take in all the information and join in with sustainable travel initiatives.  It also has to be a place for information collection so the Head Office Travel2Next team can monitor how staff travel, and reward those who do travel sustainably.

We worked closely with the Trave2Next team leader Sarah McAlinden to ensure the functionality she required was included.  Previously she had to collate all travel method information manually, and with over 4,000 staff at Head Office alone, this was a tiresome task.  The custom forms on the new site allowed her to download the information in bulk, literally saving her weeks of work.

She was able to edit and update the content herself via the WordPress CMS.  This includes one of our Promotional Pop Up that allows her to quickly share relevant news and any urgent travel information with staff.  The new website is very Head Office orientated but is an ongoing project that will grow to include sustainable travel information for all Next PLC sites.

Sarah was given one of our Marketing Helpers as a new client, because she travels the country with Travel Clinics to encourage sustainable travel and a pop-up banner was a perfect option.

NB. The website has since been taken in-house by Next and we are no longer responsible for its design.

Helping Staff to Travel Sustainably

In addition to the main website we also created, and still manage, a portal style website where staff can match up with suitable travel companions.

Whether that be car sharing, walking to work in groups or other ways of getting to work with colleagues.

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