Why Should I Have A Website?


If you have ever wondered ‘Why should I have a website?’ then this simple article should help to make you see why.

As people now expect businesses, both large and small, to have a website it really is essential that you do.

Nowadays almost any business or organisation can benefit from an online presence, even if it is just a small site that has your contact details on.

Yellow Pages Are Ineffective

Google is the ‘new’ Yellow Pages and if you do not have a site you risk not being found.  Additionally even if you are well established, people still need to look up where you are, see your opening times and so on.  Potential customers like to ‘check out’ a business first these days with some online research.  And this includes your website and social media accounts and/or pages. Everything needs to be up to date, relevant and ideally show your level of customer service as good at least.

Or course you may have a Facebook page.  And sure enough there are millions of people on Facebook.  However there are also millions who are not. Moreover, if you feature on review sites, such as Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot, then people also expect to see a link to your website to check you out further.

No Website?

And without a website you can appear to be behind the times.  Similarly, your website needs to be as modern as possible to show people your organisation is adaptable and current.  And it also needs to meet the expectations of the public.  Fast loading, easy to navigate through, mobile friendly and so on are all things that people now want, or they will leave a site.

If you want to portray a professional image you need to have a website and email address with a domain name that matches your business or organisation’s name.

For instance, customers, potential customers, members, followers; the people you are trying to reach are increasingly coming to expect it.  The question is not really “Why should I have a website?”, it is “Why do I not have a website?”.

Take a look at our website package options once you are ready to get your space on the web.

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