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The Client

The Fish and More Food Co (Langtoft) Limited are a well established fish and meat retailer, specialising only in sustainably sourced, high quality products. Although their current website had served them well, the Covid-19 epidemic made them realise that they needed a better online presence.

And with the environment ever present in people’s minds, the demand for ‘better’ food is also growing.

The Fish and More Website Project

Once again we found ourselves lucky to have a great client receptive to our ideas and advice.

The business has been selling frozen fish via a delivery network of neighbourhood sales people. A new website is going to enable them to eventually expand their delivery area nationwide in the UK.

However, knowing what your customers already by from you, versus what they would actually search for online to find your products, makes all the difference to potential new customers finding you.

Using our templated design options for the build, the client made a positive investment in one of our SEO Research Audit and Strategy Reports. Once suitably armed with a fantastic SEO strategy, we were then able to build the client a great eCommerce shop.

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